Salt Flat Engagement Session

July 21, 2020

I know most of you are thinking wowwww, this guy drove all the way to Utah for an engagement session. Well not that I wouldn’t do that but why when I have this in my back yard! So for this Salt Flat Engagement I’m in West Texas!

West Texas is a somewhat well kept secret when it comes to landscapes, Big Bend National Park gets majority of the hype but there are some hidden gems in Texas from the Panhandle all the way down to Mexico. As I make trips around this area photographing couples I always seem to find something new. My latest find is one of the best if not the best that I’ve ever stumbled upon. So where is it?

The location is a small town outside of Van Horn and its called Salt Flat, TX and its exactly like its name, a huge SALT FLAT. This area is on the outskirts of the Guadalupe Mountain Range and far from anything including gas stations. I was in aww when I saw this place as the salt crystals shined in the afternoon light and couldn’t wait to get something, someone in front of my camera!

Thats where Zach and Shelby come in! These two have been one of my favorite couples to work with and generally two of the greatest people I’ve ever met! So they were willing to join me on an adventure to one of my newly found places in West Texas. I think isolating yourself from the city and just being around each other in the vastness of nothing is an awesome way to connect and let go of everything for a few hours. The western light at sunset is just something you can’t beat! Don’t believe it? Check out these photos from my Texas Salt Flat Engagement session!

Images shot on Fuji 400H and Mamiya 645! Enjoy! Processed by PhotoVision Prints,

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